Abhijith Neil Abraham

Truly spelled as Abhigith Neil Abraham, the inappropriate 'g' here is a mistake Mom made while filling my birth certificate details. :P

Oh, by the way,I am a Human who builds artificial intelligence and sometimes, other software. I work as a researcher in AI

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A bit about who I am

I have always believed that the true happiness is in the PURSUIT of ambitions, not when you achieve it. My ambitions are not my job, my free time or the places I visit. I follow a philosophy of life, where I could give my time to you and hopefully you give me back, and in our little time together, let's figure out how to live.

I care about you if you have a mission of social cause, or for the people around your circle. Communities makes me happy. Everyone is a resource to each other, no matter how small you believe you are. Even if you know/do little about something, the appreciation you give to the ones who does well, matters to them, so that's a fair contribution too, right? Haha

I also care about you if you are someone who are in a dire need of coffee. A cup of coffee always finds its way to my soul.

Times when I did what I love

Well,let's also talk why I did technology and what happens with things I did.


Open source AI tool to query natural language on tabular data

Co created a tool to query natural language on tabular data. Phew, it made into's trending #1 in few hours when I was taking a nap.

Gift Card Bank

Helped many financially backward families in America by contributing to GiftCardBank platform with my code!

Well, that was exciting. It was also the first time I was collaborating with people outside my country. With GiftCardBank platform where they help financially the families in America who had a terrible time and lost their income during Covid, through collecting and redistributing Gift Cards. I created a tool to sort out unrelated customer grievances using AI.

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TinkerHub CET

Brought in the Tinkerhub Chapter to CET.Yay.

What an amazing group of humans we got here. We talk daily about technology,often helps each other learn and conducts events, workshops,hackathons, and always plans new ideas. Also a fun place to share tech memes and have occasional laughs. Haha.

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Teaching, tech and non-tech

Well, I have taught ML on behalf of various clubs across, and once on behalf of Google. I also used to take tuitions part time for school kids.

Ha, so school kids. I am more proud of them. Cheeky,mischievious and some ambitious. They wanted to play drums with the desk, wanted to know why religions exist when I am teaching science, and wants to believe in magic. I dont know what mature answer I could give to them, so being one of them and asking questions back,or letting them laugh wholeheartedly was my only option. Oh, and my kids used to give me gifts and I would buy them chocolates and icecreams with my salary. I mark those as some golden moments in life.

Hit me up if you want to learn something, or have something you can teach me! :)

Silicon Valley Internship

One of the internships I did was extended to 2 weeks in Silicon Valley. Big Wow moment in my life

Well, Covid lockdown fucked up the travelling to California Part. But still it makes me happy to have got such an opportunity. Yes,gives me some validation indeed.

Research Journal

Wrote a chapter titled Deep Learning With Python on a Springer Journal

Oho. So people will learn from what I wrote? Yay!


College Of Engineering,Trivandrum

August 2016 - July 2020

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics

GPA- 8.1/10. Passed without any backlogs. BIG BRAIN TIME.

But seriously, there are people who find their way around without their degree or backlogs affecting them much at all. The only reason for me to not score backlogs was not to have pending exams. I wanted to get college done soon, since I already dropped out of a college once.

The non-tech side of me is crazy about films and theatre art like streetplays. Also penning down some stories through literature, and loving to travel

Streetplay team-(Nitc-2015)

  • Before dropping out of Nitc, I used to be part of the streetplay team. I'm putting the video here, but I gotta shyly admit, my acting skills weren't that good back then. LOL.

    Link to video

Parallel Short Film

Hehee, here is the masterpiece!

Link to video

  • I swear I was not on weeds while I wrote script and directed this. I SWEAR.
  • Also, this was done on a deadline of 4 days for some junior fest in my college. Shouldn't complain about my direction skills because this is all I could do. :P
  • Special thanks to Joyal Joseph Joy, who doesn't wanna be mentioned here, but sure you will be mentioned, bitch.
  • Malayalam Stories.

    With some exaggeration though, I wrote some stories in malayalam in a blogging platform.

    Link to blog


    Learned swimming only at an age of 23, but learning late is better than not learning it at all. I loved this experience!

    Saving money for travels

    Here's something I did:

    I worked part time during college, worked on a shop during night, and with all that money, I went on a bike trip to Rameshwaram. The road was too straight that 110km per hr seemed slow, and had beach on two sides, and the feeling was heavenly.

    Here are some setbacks I faced. I would talk about it because every human faces issues, and I had mine, but if the following knowledge helps someone to know that there is always a way, I would be glad I made an impact.

    Dropped out of college, NITC-BTech after serving 16 months.

    Why: Got in because my I had a disability reservation for hearing loss. Didn't have enough plus two basics to score for Nitc syllabus.

    What I did after:

    Went to study harder for repeating entrance, within 6 months learned well all the stuff in higher secondary, wrote entrance and got into CET with some good scores.

    Hearing disability

    Why: Nerve issues, or something irrepairable.

    What I did after:

    Started using hearing aids from age 15, thus I entered the normie universe.Well, even without aids too, I would have done everything I did. Also, this is like a replacable organ for me, i.e, I can choose when to hear, or when not to. YES. I SLEEP SOUNDLY.

    Btech in EEE, Passion in CS

    Why: I was a hardcore hardware enthusiast once, but later I learned that software can bring more things to my ulterior goal.

    What I did after:

    Started Learning python and ML from 3rd year, and you know the rest of story.

    Never won a hackathon

    Well, not winning anything is okay, had a great experience building stuff. Do you need to win in order to succeed? Or do you need to succeed in order to find peace with yourself?


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